A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Edema, and was told to take Lasix and/or wear compression hose.  Who? Me?  Wear those ugly hose that old ladies (and old  men) wear?   NOT ME  ! ! !

I therefore, decided that if I have to wear compression hose, I will find some pretty, more youthful ones.  After all, I am only 86 years old, and cannot be expected to wear “old ladies”  clothes.

I began my search in Ebay, and I discovered, just as I expected, that there are actually some pretty and functional compression hose available.  I ordered a pair from Ebay, I think the pattern was denim stripes.  I loved them and I was hooked.  I chose this pattern because I wear a lot of denim.</h2

I think, at the time, that I paid $16.99 for the pair.  I began researching what else was available.

I found what I was searching for in the Walter Drake catalog.  They were $14.99 a pair if you ordered 2 or more pair.

I now have a collection of 25 pairs of patterned compression hose.  I have several Denim Stripe, also, pairs of Blush Lace, Midnight Lace, Meg, Butterfly Garden, and many more.   I also have plain burgandy, brown and yes, black…BUT not white.  Now I have a desire for a pair of black and white polka dot.

Since this is a product review post, I will mention what other compression hose I have tried.

I tried the zippered compression hose , and the zippers quit working after a couple of wearings.  I tried the toeless compression hose, and they were not comfortable.  I have tried several brands of regular panty hose, and had trouble keeping them pulled up.

After all this research, I find my choice is the Celeste Stein patterned compression hose; and I order them through the Walter Drake catalog, either on the internet or from the actual catalog.

Unless your swelling problem is very, very severe, always get the 8 – 15 strength, and please remember, when putting them on, ALWAYS PULL FROM THE BACK!   Good luck !!!!!!

I tried several other brands of the patterned compression hose, but did not like the patterns as well as the ones I am going to show you:These compression hose are now available in several catalogs, and on the internet.  They are easy to put on.  Always remember to PULL FROM THE BACK,  and smooth out all wrinkles.  

These compression hose do a good job of controlling the swelling in my legs, due to Edema.  I am now planning to buy some black/gray compression hose to add to my collection.  If we must wear them, let’s wear some pretty ones.

Thank you for reading my product review of pattterned compression hose.

Janice Gustafson 2/21/19


  1. Thank you for sharing. I like how you shared how you were apprehensive about this product in the beginning but after having to make a choice you found some acceptable options I appreciate that you shared some of the options you found. My mother who is seventy now would be interested in this product  I will share with her Thank you again.

    1. Lee….thanks so much for the comment.  Your mother could very well use the hose; and there are some pretty ones !!  The options are so much better than the first ones I owned !  Thanks again….

  2. Thanks, Janice for your compression hose review. I personally don’t use them but I have clients with swelling problems. I was looking to gift a compression hose and that’s how I found your website. I didn’t know there are so many different patterns and colors. I was thinking of getting just a plain black one but now I’ll make it more exciting. You’re right if you need to wear them why not wear them in style. Thanks for the review. and thanks for that tip to pull from the back. 😉

    1. Thanks Eddie, your  comment means a lot to me.  My swelling has decreased with the wearing of compression hose, and there are so many pretty ones now !!   When I first started looking, they were pretty hard to find.  Now, some catalogs even have 2 pages of them!  good luck to you and the lucky recipient of the patterned compression Hose.  Thanks again,


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    1. Thank you Daniella for the very nice comment.  I really hope you can visit the Grand Canyon some day.  It is breathtaking !!  THanks again

  4. I am glad I found your site. I have been contemplating compression socks, but not sure where to start. The information you have provided will definitely help me make a decision. I like you have been avoiding them as well. A while back I was looking at sports compression clothing, but not sure if all compression sock etc. are the same. You have indicated you have found a brand you like, and some you didn’t. I will be checking out your favorite socks, but curious about sport socks. You being the expert can you tell me if sport compression socks would work as well, for medical conditions?  I will be waiting your reply. 

    1. I am also  glad you found my site, and I am  very happy  you left a comment.  The decision to start wearing them is hard, but they,  plus water pills, has helped me.  I am sorry, I don’t know about sport socks.  Have you seen any grading on them?  The grade if compression hose my doctor recommended is 8 – 15.

      Thanks again Rose, for the very nice comment.

      1. Thanks for reminding me to check the grading 8-15. Sorry about that I will make sure I check. I was courteous about the difference. Thanks for your reply.

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