I have known Michael Fatali for years.  We were, at one time, closely connected because I was in a long time relationship with his father, Vic Fatali.

I recall one incident when I was visiting at Michael’s beautiful home in Page, Arizona.  I woke up to music. it was Michael and his father playing and improvising on their guitars, and it was so haunting and beautiful.  I will never forget it.

Michael occasionally visited me at my cabin  in Willow Basin, Utah, (close to Moab).  He visited several times, and he always wore his camping gear and his  hiking boots, as he was always ready to hike the surrounding areas and choose spots for his spectacular photos.

I do remember that, at one time, Michael left a young man at my cabin, with a vague promise to return  for him shortly.   I cannot remember the young man’s name, and to tell the truth, I had forgotten all about him until I started composing this post.

He was a very nice young man, I believe he was a student of photography.  He liked to eat, and I enjoyed cooking for him.

But, as time went on, he and I began looking for him to get a way to get out of there.  AND…please be aware, because  I learned the hard way.  There is no way out of Moab, if you are going to Page, Arizona, which is where he wanted to go.

There is no train, there is no bus, it was too hot to hitch hike.The only way out we could find was for him to take a bus to Vegas, then take  a bus to Phoenix, then  from there, to try  to get to  Page.

I finally came up with a solution, (which is my habit.)  I called Michael Fatali and told him  I would drive the young man (nameless still), to Kayenta, Arizona and that we would meet him at Burger King.  Michael agreed, he showed up there, and that is what we did.

I  do not remember much about the  nameless young man, but I  do remember that he went out hiking in the beautiful  LaSal Mountains every day.  I remember he would be gone for hours, and that he wore very nice hiking boots.



Michael is a spectacular photographer, and I am lucky enough to have two of his posters, given to me and mounted, by his father.

I must tell all readers, that Michael Fatali now has a gallery in Park City, Utah.  I have not been there, but I am sure it is beautiful. I visited his galleries in Utah and Nevada, and they were very  tastefully decorated, yet so beautiful.  I sincerely hope that Michael and I  can renew our friendship some day.

I have not been  able to post a sample of Michael’s spectacular photos here, but they are available for viewing on Wikamedia, and also on Michael’s web site.

Thank you for reading my post.

Janice Kirk Gustafson


I have visited Michael’s galleries in Page, Arizona,  in Springddale Utah, (close to Zion National Park). and in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They were all artitiscally designed and decorated by Michael

Michael’s gallery is now in Park City, Utah.  I no longer have family in Salt Lake, but I am hoping to get to Park City to visit with Michael there.  I miss him.


  1. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Your article gave me an insight on how friendship means Alot, keeping a friendship with a talented friend like Michael would be a great advantage. I will visit and take a look at Michael’s pictures on wikamedia. Thanks for the story. Good write. 

    1. Thanks you so much for the great comments.  You are correct that the my friendship with Michael is the main focus.

  2. I read your post and I feel maybe you should have mentioned more on his photography. The post was more about Michael. You might want to have added some color or even a few pictures to show what kind of pictures he takes. I dont think the printing needed to be in bold and front page would have stood out more with a few pictures and color added to it

    1. Thank you so much for the comment.  I have tried and tried to get Michael’s photographs on my post to no avail.  You are correct that it needs some.  I will ask him to perhaps allow it.  You are also correct that bold is unnecessary, except that I take Lyrica, which is devastating to my eyesight, and the bold helps me.  Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Hi,

    I loved reading your article. Becouse it was so much informative. You described  about  michael fatali so much. I have never knew so much about him before. Thank you for sharing such a great article with us.I have learned from your article that how friendship means a lot. Some of my friends are fan of him. I will share this article with them. Thank you again for sharing this article with us. 

    1. Tank you so much for your nice comment.  It means a lot to me.  I hope you will check his website and have a look at his spectacular photos, as I was unable to get them into mu post.   Thanks again.

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