The answer to this question is, I USED to love to hike.  I am now looking at advancing years, and I have become handicapped and can barely walk, let alone hike !

My friends at Wealthy Affiliate, Do not feel sorry for me because of this, because I have had a wonderful, hike-filled life.

.I  was born and raised in Moab, Utah, and I really believe my friends and I discovered the hiking outdoor trails and the bike trails, and the beauty of the area before the outdoor lovers and the tourists did.

Even as a child, I  would get out and, if not hike, I at least walked in the wilderness of Southeastern Utah.   From the time I was a  toddler until I was in high school, we owned Brown’s Hole, in  San Juan County, Utah.  As a toddler, I loved to walk around the area.

My Dad, (The handsome Utah cowboy, Buck Kirk), used to let me accompany him to gather eggs, (I broke many),  and to irrigate the alfalfa.  There were many anthills on the property.  I guess, with  a sense of ownership, I asked him if I could be the owner of all the ants in Brown’s Hole. He chuckled, and answered affirmatively that yes, I could be the owner of all the ants.  I promptly forgot about the ants.

As I became a teenager and was in Junior High, my friends and I were constantly in the hills.  We called it rock climbing.  We even had a rock collection in a big sack we carried around, and probably had some stones that today, would be valuable.  We hunted and climbed, and in  those days, we did not even have hiking boots.  But living in Moab, that is what you did……you spent time in the red rocks and hills!

It helped that one of my school mates and girlfriends, Margie Stocks, lived in a home right at the foot of the red rocks surrounding Moab.  She had twin brothers, Lee and Larry, a little older than us.  Lee and Larry were also “rock kids” and they often were our guides around the hills.

***A Note about Margie:

Margie married the owner of a service station and store in the town of Thompson, Utah.  Thompson is 32 mile from Moab.   Early one morning, Margie went into the store to set up for the day’s work, and she was shot and killed by a person who had broken in to steal.  I do not know any more details, but I do know that the murderer  was caught and I did hear that he had killed others.  The murder of Margie was a great tragedy.  She was a wonderful person and was always helpful to others.

Anne Dalton was another member of our band of hikers.  Anne was a very good friend of mine when we were younger and remained a friend, But my interest in boys and her interest in the LDS Church e.ventually led to us becoming only casual friends.  I understand Anne passed away a few years ago, from a heart ailment.  Anne and I once took our rock collection dto show the renowned Dr. Williams.  We had in our collection, a historic skull.  Dr. Williams accused us of stealing the skull from him.  We left it there and never returned.  And, needless to say, we never visited Dr. Williams again.  I was our first lesson in false accusations; and a very unexpected one.

Lorna Lance often hiked with us.  I have not heard of Lorna for years,but I hope she is ok.  I do know that,  as Anne Dalton did, she married a returned  LDS  Missionary.  Lorna and Anne were devout Mormons, and both had strong moral convictions, and I respected them for it.  I have missed all my childhood friends and fellow hikers.

Well, that is it for our little band of hikers ,even though there were occasional guest hiker, such as Elessa  Jackson, , Dorlynn Day, Skippy Wmibourn and others..

We were young but we were wild rock hikes,  and we loved it @@

How many of you out there like to hike?  If  I had no one to hike with, I would go alone.  While living in Willow Basin, Utah, I knew my way around the hills and the mountains, and I would often hike alone.  While my cat, Timmy, was alive and at the cabin, he would always accompany me on my hikes.   When he got tired, he would sit down, and I would carry him until he was ready to walk again.  What wonderful memories I have of this time,and how fortunate am I to have these memories?

So, these are some of my special Moab Memories, and thank you for reading my post about them.  And put on your hiking boots and START HIKING !!

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  1. You have an amazing story to tell and a way to help people world wide and for that I am sure you are proud as you should be.  I would never suggest hiking alone, but I would suggest to be prepared for anything as you have explained here.  Life is very unpredictable and we need to prepare for whatever it throws our way.  

    Hiking is an amazing way to unwind, and it is a great stress reliever and just a beautiful way to take in all the beauty that surrounds us.  I find in this day and age we spend a lot of time staring at a screen as I am now rather than experiencing what has been put here for us to enjoy.  The very reason we breathe literally and we let it pass us by to read some gossip online.  Take the time to see the beauty in which we live in, get out for a hike and be prepared.

    1. Amanda…thanks so much for the great comment!  You have explained better than I, the joys of hiking.  And, you are so right that we need to get away from electronics and get outside.Thanks again !

  2. Hello there,

    As an active Boy Scout leader (and a scout for 30 years – I started at the age of 11), hiking, along with camping,  is one of my favorite scouting activities. I’ve had loads of fun, learned a lot of things, and made a lot of friends during my hikes. I remember getting lost and then finding the way again (one of the best experiences for a hike), drinking all our water and walk thirsty for an hour until we found a place to drink in the summer heat… 

    Lifetime experiences…



    1. Hi Marios   Thanks so much for your comment.  I enjoyed reading about your camping experiences.  Scouting is a great way to learn to do it properly.  Good for  you for being an  active hiker and a leader!  Thanks again.

  3. I used to love hiking in my twenties, and I was very lucky to live in South Wales where there are mountain trials and forests just about EVERYWHERE! 

    But, as with most things in life, all that changed when I had kids! (it’s the same story for all of us really!). 

    I do run every morning these days but I would love the freedom of hiking again…your article has managed to re-ignite my interest. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris:  You are correct; things change when we have children, and out of my 3, only one is intent on hiking and being outdoors.

      You mentioned South Wales.  Is that in England?  I know New South Wales is in Australia, as I lived in Canberra for a time.  My husband (at the time) was in construction and we were there for 2 years.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Hello Janice,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, and I’m sorry if writing this brought you some sad memories.

    I don’t usually hike and I didn’t have so many opportunities to do so. As I live in a big city, the only thing you can do is walking and ride the bike, but the scenery is nothing alike to what you showed in the pictures, 

    I hope more people try hiking after reading your experience.



    1. Hi Mariana:  I am sorry you are stuck in a city and cannot enjoy the great outdoors.  I was raised in Utah, but now live in a suburb of Phoenix.  It is only 2 hours to Flagstaff, Prescott and other mountainous areas, and we go up there quite often, even though I am no longer able to hike.  I love the mountains, but I also love the deseert.

      Thanks again,

  5. Oh that was so interesting and while I read your article about your hiking experience I felt like to read it over and over again because I enjoyed hiking those days when I was still a child. As I grew up, a lot of things distracted me from hiking due to the pursuit of certain life goals. I will try my best to go on hiking again. Your hiking experience just triggered something in me and I had a great flash back on how I used to hike. That was a great fun. Thank you for sharing your hiking experience with us. I enjoyed it so well.

    1. Hi Precious:  Thanks so much for your great comment.  If my post has encouraged you to start hiking again, I am grateful.  Your comment has inspired me to write more posts of this type.   Thanks again !!

  6. Thank you for sharing your stories and I am sorry for your loss and your injury. I am glad to hear that you already have many memories. Life is a funny thing isn’t? One day you have the ability to do something and the next day you don’t. I wish I live near the state parks or mountain like you. I actually do love hiking but because of work and where I live, NYC, it is hard to make it happens. However your story touched me I am going to act now so I don’t regret in the future. I am going for the trail running in Bear Mountain, NY in May. That is something that I look forward to. Can’t wait to hear more if your memories. 


    1. Oh Nuttanee, I loved your comment and I am so happy if my post inspired you to get out and hike !  So good luck on the trail running in Bear Mountain..  I know you will do well !  Thanks again!

  7. What a great time and place to grow up in! Have you ever considered writing a book about your adventures? That’s so sad about your friend Margie though. I’m glad the killer was caught. I spent most of my growing up years living in the city and I’ve only been hiking a few times in my life. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to fall in love with the great outdoors more and more to the point where my husband and I are now looking to buy a house in the country. Hiking seems like a great way to get some exercise and enjoy nature too. Maybe we will start taking the kids hiking as they are getting to the age where they want to play video games a lot and I have to push more to get them to play outside. I worry about wild animals though. Did you ever encounter a problem with animals or snakes? 

    1. Hi Barbra:  Thank so much for the comment.  I hope you will do more hiking and that you will encourage your children to hike. Don’t forget your hiking boots!  I had an influx at my cabin of bears once..  They were messy and annoying but they did not get violent with any of us.  It was a matter of staying inside and that was difficult.  I believe they were there because we had lots of food from the oak trees, and the other part of the mountain did not.

      The only snakes we had were not poisonous, such as the rattle snakes on lower elevations, but they were pretty abundant and some of my guests were deadly afraid of them.

      Actually, the only problem we had with animals, was an occasional angry doe coming at us when we had a dog and she had a fawn.  But she did not come very close.  Just charged at us and retreated.  It seems all animals will get cranky when they have babies to protect.  Thanks again.

  8. Your post was so intriguing and wondrous to read! Such a beautifully heart warming recollection of memories of people, places and animals, that made me wish the post was longer! But equally as beautiful, also tragic. I’m so sorry to hear about Margie. No one deserves to die under those circumstances! I have a friend in Australia here who was working at his general store that he’d owned for 10 years – he was recently stabbed 9 times. I don’t know how he survived, but I will ever be grateful that he did. His time simply wasn’t up yet! Take care, Janice!

    1. Thank you so much for the excellent, heartfelt, sincere comment Josie.  I appreciate it and hope you will comment on more of my posts.

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