Our time in Kane was very fun.  We stayed in a very small RV park, in a grassy meadow.  It was like being way out in the country, but close to town; and close enough for Ron to quickly get to his sister, Lois’s every morning to shower.  I showered in the “Bungie cord” bathroom.

Kane is an old town that has an influx of young people with a desire to make the town new again.  There are numerous new restaurants appearing in town and on the outskirts of town; and Ron’s family made sure we tried them all.  He has another sister in town, Shirley, and she has quite a large family of her own.  I was becoming very attached to all of them.

The drive back to Arizona was very pleasant.  We tried to stay away from the freeway and we ate our meals in locally owned “mom and pop” restaurants, where we met very friendly people, mostly “locals”

I had heard Ron, many times, speak of his desire to visit the Air Force Museum in Ohio.  Ron is a retired U.S. Air Force Officer.  When we were within 200 miles of Daytonm and the Museum , he didn’t seem inclined to go out of our way to visit it, but I convinced him we should.

We already had reservations at the rv park in Wright Air Force Base, where the museum is located.  There the fun began.   We do not have “smart phones”, and we had a terrible time finding our way around.  The RV park did not have an address, it was  only known as the “fam camp”, and our GPS could not help us.  We floundered around for a couple of hours before suddenly seeing the welcome sight of the huge Air Force Museum.

There was a very large crowd at the Museum, and making our way to the entrance was difficult, but we finally made it.  Should have worn our hiking boots.

Our first sight inside the museum was a little bit of a disappointment.  It was the Atrium of the Air Force Museum Store, where they sell one of a kind aviation themed merchandise.

From there, we got into more of the places Ron was interested in.

The World War 2 room was VERY interesting.  In addition to American planes, from the Wright Bros. on up, they also displayed foreign planes, such as the Mig, the German Junker Turbojet, planes with the swastikas, and Japanese war planes; and also the British Spitfire.  This room also showed the uniforms and medals worn through the years.

From the World War 2 room, we went to the Holocaust exhibit, which was very well done, but depressing.

The Southeast Asia War and the Korean War rooms held Ron’s complete interest, since he served in both theaters of war.

 The exhibits In the Cold War Room mainly consisted of missile flights and defensive action techniques.  It was interesting and we both remembered the difficulties and worries of the times.  I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska during these years, and we had black curtains which we kept drawn after dark.  We also had occasional practice air raids, and during one, we were taken to the airport and actually boarded the plane as if for take off.

The next rooms were the Missile Gallery, the Presidential Room, the Global Reach Room, and the Space Research and Development Room.

The viewing of these rooms ended our VERY interesting and informative visit to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, and if we are ever again within 200 miles of the Museum, we will surely visit it.

The Museum is open to the public at no charge.  There are no restrictions such as age, dress, etc.  There  are numerous helpful attendants who are there to answer questions and to assist in any way they can.

If you would like any further information regarding the U.S. Air Force Museum, their email is: www.afmuseum.com.

Thank you for reading my post

Janice Gustafson



  1. Ron: Janice wrote a great synopsis of the comprehensiveness of the “one of a kind” public attractions.
    I was very impressed with the size and division of the birth of aviation. As a public display of our great advancement beginning with the Wright brothers. For the young to be educated there, mingled with all ages is fantastic. From the very young to retirees, All looking, pointing and rushing to tour the big transports and jet fighters. If you spend time reading, picture taking and discussing, you won’t see it all in on day. Even the outdoors has displays.
    The AF Base is separate and secure.

    Janice has woken my desire to return to Dayton Ohio.R

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