I  was born  and raised In Moab, Utah, and it was a beautiful and idyllic place in which live.

München, Aubinger Lohe

Moab is still a beautiful place, and it has been discovered by millions of others who enjoy the many scenic wonders of the area.  Among these are Arches National Monument, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point, the Colorado River and the Manti-LaSal Mountains.  Some of the many activities enjoyed in Moab are horseback riding, hiking, boating, jeeping, hunting, picnicing,rock-climbiing, rock-climbing, mountain climbing,  rodeos, gourmet restaurants and musical concerts; and don’t forget SHOPPING in the many specialty shops of Moab.

I was lucky enough to spend my early years growing up on a  cattle ranch located in Brown’s Hole.  Brown’s Hole was about 30 miles from Moab and about 15  miles from La Sal.  We had a delapidated old cabin with an attic, a blacksmith area, a tack room, a barn and a garage.  We also had a wonderful Grandfather, who planted a big garden, I was in the garden once , “working” with Grandad when he noticed my little overalls were missing a button  from the  the drop-down seat.  Ingenious as he was, my Grandad pinned it up with a porcupine quill.

Grandad shot the occasional bird, not sure what kind, and he proceeded to cook up a stew.  My sister and I noticed some feathers floating in the stew, and we told Neva, our mother.  She told us to be quiet and eat it as she would not have us hurting his feelings.  Good advice I suppose, as he was killed,  not too much later, when hit by a pick-up on a visit to town.  I hope to include some of Grandad’s history in a later article.

My  Dad sold Brown’s Hole, to my sorrow, when I was a teen-ager.  He then bought property on the North side of the La Sal’s, which also included some river property.  At the age of 54, he contracted Leukemia, and he sold his cattle and all his property except for some acreage in the LaSal’s.

How lucky I was to have been raised by  these pioneer people in such beautiful settings.